Lethargic Catharsis
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benefits you in no way,
why do you clutch it
so close to your heart?"

- Michelle K.Negativity. (via michellekpoems)

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people who  needlessly start drama


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This year is going to be so different than what I expected.

"Everyone walks around with a part of themselves broken and bent out of shape, a little portion of themselves out of sync and crumbling thanks to the nature of loving and trying to be loved by other people."

- Tegan and Sara (via durianquotes)

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"Surround yourself with people that strive to do good for the sake of just doing good. There is something alive in those people’s hearts that has been lost for the rest of mankind."

- Mobeen Hakeem (via animalsandtrees)

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i think the best feeling is when you make someone that you like a lot laugh and their face lights up and they start giggling and you’re really happy that you were able to make someone so beautiful smile so much

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